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Inaugural Conference 2017

Transmissions and Traces: Rendering Dance
The Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio
October 19–22, 2017

Transmissions and Traces: Rendering Dance

How is dance transmitted? By what corporeal and incorporeal means does it extend its reach? In what ways do dance forms and practices travel, and what residues do they leave behind, marking the event of their passing? How and why might some dance forms resist working in more common modes of transmission, desiring to reach some audiences and not others? When is this a practice of resistance and when might it be a practice of maintaining hierarchies? What is transmitted through dance—what histories, legacies, cultural values, theories of the body, etc.? How does dance materialize and re-materialize in different contexts? How does pedagogy evolve? What is the role of legacy? What are the stakes of different forms of transmission, and who benefits from these different forms of circulation? 

With this conference, we seek to address where dance scholarship sits in the broader arena of dance transmission, with considerations of how dance might be tracked, or how it might be untraceable. We wish to explore common assumptions about the vestiges of dance, and less expected or less known ways that its traces manifest. We are further interested in how dance transmission interacts with educational and presentational practices, with efforts to document dance permeating the current legibility of dance as a cultural phenomenon. We look forward to submissions that evaluate the range of transmission processes, from one-on-one oral traditions to viral electronic circulations, and that weigh notions of intellectual property, material and immaterial culture, authorship, and spectatorship in the project of tracing dance transmissions. 

Watch the live stream of the Opening Plenary, Membership and Awards Luncheon, and Keynote Plenary here:

About The Ohio State Department of Dance

The Ohio State University Department of Dance is a community of diverse individuals trained on a common nexus of inquiry, the rich and complex phenomenon of dance. Embodied scholarship lies at the heart of the Ohio State Dance experience, integrating movement practice, creative process, and theoretical inquiry. As one of the premier dance departments in the nation, Ohio State Dance offers BFA, MFA and PhD programs, and serves thousands of elective students annually in our movement practice, writing and dance history courses. Trained at the forefront of contemporary modern dance, our graduates become visionaries in the dance field and in their communities as performers, art-makers, scholars, teachers, and arts entrepreneurs. Visiting artists and researchers enhance all dimensions of the program and regularly augment resident faculty. Relationships with the The Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD), Wexner Center for the Arts, BalletMet, King Arts Complex, Columbus Dance Theatre, Columbus City Schools, OhioDance, Greater Columbus Arts Council and Ohio Arts Council, as well as annual exchanges with international partners, enrich the student experience. 

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