Dance Studies Association 2018 Conference
Contra: Dance & Conflict

July 5-8, 2018
University of Malta
Valletta, Malta

Notes for Submissions

For full guidelines, see:

    • The abstract submission process is blind review by the Program Committee, and three reviewers score each submission. The Program Committee is unable to provide written feedback on submissions. 
    • You may submit only one proposal to the Program Committee, and your name may appear on the conference program only once as a presenter (this includes individual papers, panels, roundtable discussions, lecture-demonstrations, movement workshops, dance works using outdoor or indoor sites, and screendances). However, you may also serve as a moderator (although not for your own panel), the organizer of a working group, and, if invited, you may speak on a panel honoring another scholar.
    • The keywords denote the main topic or topics with which your presentation aligns or how you would like your research to be categorized. We will use the keywords to 1) match abstracts to Program Committee evaluators based on research expertise and 2) to group presentations within the conference schedule. Examples: tango, identity, kathakali. 
    • For submitting a Three-Person Panel or Roundtable, click the appropriate button in the first row of radio buttons. Enter the name of the panel or roundtable and keywords in the “General Information” section. Under the Presenters section, put the abstract for the panel or roundtable under “Author 1” (this will be the contact for the roundtable). Add additional authors for everyone on the roundtable by clicking "Add Author". In Authors 2 and onward, indicate “Participant” in the abstract section since you only need to submit one abstract for the roundtable. However, if your individual panelists need or want to include their own presentation titles or abstracts, they can do so but should make it clear that is what is happening.
    • In the spirit of building an intellectual and moving community of dance researchers, Dance Studies Association requires conference participants to deliver their presentations in person. If you live in a region or are in a circumstance that inhibits your travel, we will consider remote requests on a case-by-case basis. Please submit a proposal through the current online form, and under the technical requirements section, explain your situation and need to present remotely. Remote presenters will have a designated registration fee.
    • For lecture-demonstrations and workshops, the Program Committee reserves the right to adjust the time requested in order to fit the overall conference schedule. While the Program Committee respects the conception of panel proposals, it reserves the right to judge each submission independently and to coordinate with other paper proposals when and where appropriate.

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